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Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

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Give a little TLC.

At Jaymark Jewelers, we provide free cleaning, polishing and inspection of your jewelry for life – no matter where you purchased it. And, because we do all of this in-house, we can do it while you wait! We do recommend, however, to have your jewelry checked every 6 months or so to be safe. Everyday wear and tear can cause your gemstones to loosen and create overall minor problems to the jewelry you love.  There are a few things  you need to know about basic care.

Caring for your jewelry at home.

Although we welcome the opportunity to clean your jewelry, there are certain things you can do at home. Consider it your jewelry cleaning routine!

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They may be the hardest substance on Earth, but even this tough gemstone needs a little love and attention on a regular basis.  What you may not know is that diamonds can and do chip. So, if you’re planning on doing something very physical or where your diamond jewelry may be subjected to harsh conditions, we always recommend leaving it at home.  Remember, prongs can loosen. And, a diamond ring can easily slip off in water. Swimming with your diamonds on is definitely not recommended. Chlorine will also damage most precious metals over time. And, don’t store your jewelry next to other jewelry pieces. They can easily scratch them. Keep your diamonds individually wrapped in soft tissue or fabric and always keep them in separate compartments in your jewelry box.


Swimming, showering or bathing is also a big no-no when wearing gold, which can weaken. You should also avoid wearing gold chains to bed to avoid their tangling. And, always keep any chains lying flat when you’re not wearing them.

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If you’re lucky enough to own them, pearls of any sort should be the last piece of jewelry you put on and the first thing you should take off. Pearls can easily be dented and scratched. In addition, never put your pearls in direct contact with perfume or hairspray, which can damage their luster and finish.

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