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Jewelry Restoration

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in what we do.

Whether you’ve inherited or purchased a piece of jewelry, nothing is more important than caring for that jewelry. At Jaymark Jewelers, the list of services we offer is vast — from restoration to basic repairs. Jewelry antique restoration is an art and requires the work be performed by skilled craftsmen. Not all jewelry retailers are equipped to handle this process.  It’s quite different here at Jaymark Jewelers.

There are differences between getting your jewelry repaired (which we also offer) and getting your jewelry restored. Jewelry repair is typically the process of replacing a missing part or putting together something that might be broken. Restoration is somewhat synonymous with rehabilitation; taking a piece and restoring it to what it once was, which may also include some level of repair. Restoring a family heirloom or any piece of antique jewelry may take longer than you think. It requires careful assessment and examination. Prior to restoring any piece of jewelry, we’re asking a series of questions:

  • What repairs have been performed on this piece?
  • Has anything been damaged?
  • Have gemstones been added in any areas?
  • Are the gemstones damaged in any way?
  • Are they original to the piece?

The goal in any jewelry restoration is always to preserve what is there and simply bring it back to life! At Jaymark Jewelers, we specialize in restoring and repairing fine gold and platinum jewelry. And, all of our repair and restoration services take place right in our facility in Cold Spring, New York.

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